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I am a clinical psychologist in private practice in Plumstead, Cape Town. I specialise in cognitive-behavioural therapy with adults, adolescents and couples. I have spent the last 10 years working in both inpatient and outpatient environments with a range of psychological problems. This has included time spent gaining specialist expertise working in inpatient settings with both addiction patients and adolescents. After directing an inpatient drug-rehabilitation centre in 2006, I chose to make the move into private practice, where I currently see clients with a variety of psychological conditions.


You might also want to take a look at my new psycho-educational self-help website Tools for Health and WellnessTools for Health and Wellness



I am a Cognitive-Behaviour Therapist (CBT) with a particular interest in treating:



Tools for Health and WellnessTools for Health and Wellness is a free psycho-educational self-help website written by a clinical psychologist that will help you to be healthy and happy. It unpacks a useful and creative toolbox of techniques and strategies for you to utilize both in every-day situations and also when coping with specific psychological and physical conditions. These cognitive, behavioural, physiological and emotional coping skillscoping skills will enable you to convert areas of dissatisfaction in your life into meaningful and self-nurturing lifestyle change.

Tools for Health and WellnessHealth and Wellness is written by a psychologist to promote a healthy lifestyle programhealthy lifestyle program through living wellliving well & improving total health total health. It explores a health care planhealth care plan of psychological & physical tools to achieve on-going health and wellnesshealth and wellness.

This site will take you on your own unique journey of improved healthimproved health and happiness, and aid you in a path of self-discoveryself-discovery that will allow you to reach your potentiareach your potential and be all that you wish to be!

Key areas of psychological and physiological healthphysiological health covered on this site

The key areas that I will be addressing in this website include: